by Totem Skin

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released October 12, 2015

released on 12'' VINYL through Halo of Flies and Protagonist Music in the US and Adagio830 in EU

also available on CD through Tokyo Jupiter Records and on tape through Wolves of Hades.

Artwork By Chris Panatier

Music written & performed by Totem Skin

Engineered by Lewis Johns
Assistant Engineered by Chris Lyndon
Recorded at the Ranch Production House in march 2015

Mastered By Brad Boatright at Audiosiege



all rights reserved


Totem Skin Falun, Sweden

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Track Name: Always Ire
She looks at him and stands aghast,
Their actions bear a stark contrast
through recklessness he leaves her scorned;
companions left by death adorned

At every turn his words send chills
At every chance he serves his will

Her crumbled pride in ruins lie,
senses her end, it's very nigh
Picks up the spills come of his wrack;
The bones she carry on her back

She cares not what he had her told
She wears her losses proud and bold
Her throne besieged with broken troth
as he claims master of them both

He underplays this potent deceit

Wanton violence
Always ire
Wanton violence
Always ire

A whisper heard from far and wide
Tells faintly of a broken pride
In solitude her doors are shut
His will be done no matter what
And he tries to make her desist
Wrecks her body to fit with his

He takes her within his hands,
liquids pouring from her glands.
Steadily his blows descend,
She may never breath again
Track Name: Longing Leans And Beckons
in the details
of thought reflective
Steal a compound
(of) extinct objective

Dampened server
of past resentment
Coercive lingo,
these unversed sentences

Gazing at foggy mental images
in which creating a home limited
and this bestridden and narrow world
hints towards unrest unfurled

Lost to time

Mundane action,
tampered living,
given plain direction;

Cull abjection,
come by default
of counting every second;

Never let go
the ceasar that is
a prior age affection

for fairer views
out from the place
where longing leans and beckons

Let time
Dwindle into
come to its end
Tilt your
head back,
laugh at the sky

Laugh at the sky

Died out ideal staking
Adverse frugality
Senses always aching
Longing for a fantasy

Head back;
Laugh at the sky
Track Name: Reckless Recluse

In lies they reside
(With) our future deprived
Brought to our knees
The shadows whisper defeat

In silence they rule
Keeping our hearts subdued
To comply or neglect
Ignorance is truly bliss

We are waste
Beaten, broken, forgotten

Chained to our conscience
Left in isolation
Beaten, broken, forgotten

We're in a stupor
Our slumber, our bane
Do not look somber
Devour it

(Cease, swallow, burn)
(Fire, cinder, collapse)

Bathe us in fire
Baptize us in ash
Drown us in blood
In the dark they corrupt

We are born to be ruled
We are waste
We are born to succumb
We are waste
Track Name: The Mouth Of Man
Problem, Reaction, Solution
Altered minds, they criticize
Open all Doors, awake revolution
the crooks live in castles, and get absolution

Destroyers, usurpers Curse them

instilled what to think, what is true
Reality filtered through narrow views
closed at heart, in mind and thought
when forgiven, all is lost

instilled what to think, what is true
Reality filtered through narrow views
Heedless herds that can't perceive
why they revel, when we grieve

Hang us on brazen pillars, high
For everyone to perceive
Vilified icons, a threat to the free

All in the name of aristocracy
All hail the ruling elite

Heedless herds that can't perceive
the mouth of man only deceives
laced in silk and golden weave
Bearing malice, wrought by thieves

withered, dreary to the marrow
passing as a fleeting arrow
Heedless, callous, ever narrow
Life is but a walking shadow
Track Name: Pretend
A boot stamping on a face sets the scene
for reality openly obscene
Taught not to question the roles we are granted
quelling urges of thoughts any grander
But I guess that it's hard to see
the horizon of a sullied sea
when ocean's stirred and the current wrecks
and shallow waters cover necks

A manufactured permanent consent
A vision in two definitions

Did Fuller's Spaceship Earth crash and burn?
Was Imagine just a song?
Can currents change their paths?

Withered voices given strength
After being kept at length
- For tacit credence cause the end -
And only then may we ascend

Only reaching far behind
leads to rigid state of mind
It's never-questioned validity
borders on morbidity

So don't look back but fix your eyes
towards wherever change may lie
A vision reborn is means to end
But as of now we just pretend
Track Name: Distant Visitant
I built this armour to keep it inside
A vessel, a mask, bewildered, awry
And beneath, it grows, like weeds among stones
Bearing a cross, a crown made of thorns

Not a word shall be uttered
A life forfeit, left in the gutter

Self-loathing thoughts on repeat,
forever narcissistic

Unvoiced, it has taken its place
Heartless, my blood written fate
Lifeless, a grievous embrace
Enraged, a quenchless hate

It has taken its place

Bearing a cross
And a Crown made of thorns

I wear this mask
That my face (has) grown to fit

Winded and worn
I'll find rest when I'm dead

thoughts on repeat
Track Name: I De Blindas Rike Är Den Enögde Kung
He takes her within his hands,
liquids pouring from her glands.
Steadily his blows descend,
She may never breath again

Whimpers heard from her remains
echo all throughout his reign
As he blithely claims her throne
he grasps what he's always known

No more her touch will grace his brawn,
their vital poise forever gone
Her throne turns into his abyss
and her whimpers become his