Always Ire

from by Totem Skin



She looks at him and stands aghast,
Their actions bear a stark contrast
through recklessness he leaves her scorned;
companions left by death adorned

At every turn his words send chills
At every chance he serves his will

Her crumbled pride in ruins lie,
senses her end, it's very nigh
Picks up the spills come of his wrack;
The bones she carry on her back

She cares not what he had her told
She wears her losses proud and bold
Her throne besieged with broken troth
as he claims master of them both

He underplays this potent deceit

Wanton violence
Always ire
Wanton violence
Always ire

A whisper heard from far and wide
Tells faintly of a broken pride
In solitude her doors are shut
His will be done no matter what
And he tries to make her desist
Wrecks her body to fit with his

He takes her within his hands,
liquids pouring from her glands.
Steadily his blows descend,
She may never breath again


from Weltschmerz, released October 12, 2015



all rights reserved


Totem Skin Falun, Sweden

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