Still Waters Run Deep

by Totem Skin

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Herr Torrulf
Herr Torrulf thumbnail
Herr Torrulf Knallt gleich ab dem ersten song voll rein. Schön düster und stimmungsvoll bis auf das viel zu lange und meiner Meinung nach zu pathetische Sample im letzten Song, welches meine anfängliche Euphorie jedes Mal zu nichte macht, ein gelungenes album.
Яіоп Поія
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Яіоп Поія Harsh, depressing.... and awesome Favorite track: Seasons Don't Fear The Reaper, We Can Be Like They Are.
Ruben Covarrubias
Ruben Covarrubias thumbnail
Ruben Covarrubias Good Thing: Amazing, amazing sound. Very atmospheric and a bit dark. (Kinda) Bad Thing: You can't really hear the vocals but I really don't mind it after a while. Overall 4/5 Favorite track: Atrophy Of The Heart.
Bucky thumbnail
Bucky It's got that blackened atmospheric tone to its in your face hardcore roots (and boobs) that I'm a sucker for.
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Available on 12'' VINYL through Dog Knights Productions, Protagonist Music and Middleman Records.


released October 29, 2013

Music written & performed by Totem Skin
Lyrics by Glenn, Henrik and Chris

Mixed, mastered & engineered by Lewis Johns
Assistant Engineered by Tony James
Recorded at the Ranch Production House



all rights reserved


Totem Skin Falun, Sweden

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Track Name: Kargt Landskap
Awakened by the sweeping cold
Your eyes are slowly opening
Where are you, how did you get here?

Your hands are rugged and old, your joints stiff, your vision blurry
Whose body is this?

All the time in the world is what you had
All the time in the world to ponder
All the time in the world to yourself

Drunken from despair
Selfhatred flows through your veins
Drowned in your defeats
This barren landscape stands as gallows

Faults are what define you
You wonder where the time went
Where your friends disappeared
Where you lost all that's important

Time is your memories
Time is your sorrows
Time is your sins
Time is your death

A shadow is all you have left
A shadow of your former self
You're tired and want to sleep,
So lay down your head and close your eyes

You will forget everything
You will never wake up
Track Name: Still Waters Run Deep
What once was means of unity
Has turned to fodder for a profit spree
They're checking pulses and taking notes
to force their insolance down your throat

Every entry and every word
Is taken to a level absurd
Their voice announce a prompt ally
to choices manufactured by

An enterprise promise
to the highest bidding
And you are the product,
you are what they're selling

Coersed we succumb to
a greedy bellowing
We all are the product,
we are what they're selling

This is what it's come to -
We are what they're selling
It's a fact which they imbue
We are what they're selling

Justified through distorted truth
and crooked views of the uncouth
A bold faced lie made solely to
Numb and control while scamming you

Reject the notions that they espouse
Embrace resistance that will arouse
Make them give up, make them give in
and turn upside down their grin

Release what you keep within
Track Name: The Romans Make A Desert And Call It Peace
These walls that we put up are making short work
Pulling asunder and tearing apart
Enabling our senses to disconnect
Leaving eachother with nothing at all

I guess this feeling ain't mutual
Judging from your awkward conversations
You show no interest in our lives
And I can't blame you

We've had swell times
In the past
But now those days are gone
Those days are gone
Track Name: Atrophy Of The Heart
Slumbering eyes deserted from life
Stagnant breaths buried deep in my chest
Apathy flows through every pore of this flesh
Lay this soul to rest, lay these bones to rest

A faceless crowd, carrying their woes
With tired shoulders, dressed in rust
A thought still lingers upon my toungue
An outgrown desire of letting go

Eyes wide shut

Your eyes have sunken to depths unknown
And I'm aware my thoughts are being controlled
But time slips through our fingers and dissolve
When we realise our love's grown old and cold
Track Name: At The Forest's Edge
At the forest's edge we are
You and I, for decades
Gazing into nothing
Withering to the sounds of a dying world
You're screaming, choking
Tearing yourself asunder
And I stand there gazing into nothing

I’m yearning for silence
A bond that whilom bloomed
I’m wistful for sleep
A bond that we shared from womb
I’m longing for stillness
A bond that time has sent to wither
And the emptiness it brings
A bond that we only fathomed


We go along the trails in the forest
Where we played as children
It's quiet, still and peaceful
No pretense
No province
No prospect
Just you and I,
the silence, the wilderness

But I hoped as always to have your hand in mine
Our hands entwined,
our hands through the end of times
Thoughts lingering on promises unkept,
on words we left unsaid

I always knew that everything was a dream

And now I stand here with rope in hand
The noose tight around my neck
Final thoughts of why

Why I won't take the step
The step into silence
The step into stillness
A step into everlasting nothingness
Track Name: In Darkness I Sleep
Behind those lying eyes
In silence I preach
void of empathy
In your ignorance I breed

Bound to follow the everymans step
I am torn in societys crooked direction
In darkness I sleep
In daylight I prowl
Cursed to be always by your side

Gloomy is the hand I've been dealt
Weary I long for human reign to end
Gloomy is the life I have lead
Weary I long for human reign to end

I am ire
I am vain
I am spite
I am avarice

I am desire
I am indolence
I am voracity
I am your shadow
Track Name: Seasons Don't Fear The Reaper, We Can Be Like They Are
Freedom - so seldom achieved
But we managed to build our safeplace,

Our haven where each dog day
made the pieces fall in place
Where forever seemed like yesterday
and our souls were set ablaze

Sensing our vast fault, we were left appaled
With nothing to boast of but dead memories
Shredding our past trust, we were split apart
With nothing to say but goodbye

These scratchings on our walls will remain
And if anyone would see them, they would know
That we lived the lives of spiders
Cobbling webs to fill the gaps

Say goodbye

You made me happy