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by Totem Skin

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released August 21, 2012

All music written, produced and performed by Totem Skin
Recorded by the band in our rehearsal space.

Mixed and mastered by Alexander Backlund



all rights reserved


Totem Skin Falun, Sweden

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Track Name: You Embrace Your Decay
Don't deny your part in setting the tone for our end
You were always a sore that I could not amend
Nothing I said or did could ever have stopped this
Chokehold that you embrace and with it - your decay

And now we're finally out of bounds
You've served your last drink spiked with perfume
This rendevouz was fake from the get-go
From the moment you ceased to try, this ceased to be

This ceased to be
You ceased to me
But even now I don't feel free
This ceased to stay
You've fade to gray
You have embraced your decay
Your decay

And I hope this turns out well
For all near you
I hope you find the one to solidate you
I hope your brother grows up unharmed
I hope your mother finds happiness
I hope it turns out well
But I know it won't.

And all that's left to say are the meaningless goodbyes
That none of us demand or even comprehend
So spare me your efforts, spare me your time
Because it means so much more to me than you
In the best of worlds, anxiety would cease
In the best of worlds your god would sleep
In the best of worlds, this would concede itself
But I know it won't.
Track Name: Reap What You Sow
Not a word learned or listened to
Wasting away is the norm to you
With your right arm raised, and it just strikes me
as hypocrisy singing "thou ancient, thou free"

In your final hour, when all the regrets dwell
Have you wasted your life and lived in vain?

When they profit on your dreams you've got to reap what you sow
When your heart is full of shame you've got to reap what you sow
Track Name: The Romans Make A Desert And Call It Peace
These walls that we put up are making short work
Pulling asunder and tearing apart
Enabling our senses to disconnect
Leaving eachother with nothing at all

I guess this feeling ain't mutual
Judging from your awkward conversations
You show no interest in our lives
And I can't blame you

We've had some swell times
In the past
But now those days are gone
Those days are gone
Track Name: Tomhet Är Allt
Bländad av solens skärande ljus

Ser jag inte mer än armarnas längd
Fumlandes i mörkrets väldiga grepp
Behöver jag din fyr för att leda mig hem
När mörkret har lättat är det enda som jag ser
Att du bytt ut oss mot ett gift och bara vill ha mer
Tills allt vi betydde var ett minne blott

Någonstans längs vägen försvann din lust att kämpa
Någonstans längs vägen försvann din empati

Lurad av ditt själviska flin
Förstörd av detta tragiska svin

Tomhet är allt jag har
Tomhet var allt du lämnade kvar
Tomhet var allt du någonsin var
Track Name: From Ashes Come Nothing
En massa tomma ord
Hur kunde du sjunka så djupt

Blått, stormigt och kallt
Där lämnar vi varandra

Panik visar människors sanna natur
Och vi var inte bättre än såhär

Vi har tappat bäring
Förlorat allt som var

Ur askan reser sig skuggan
Av det vi aldrig kommer vara
Ur askan kom bara misär
Ur askan reser sig skuggan
Av det vi aldrig kommer vara
I askan skulle vi stannat..
Track Name: Seasons Don't Fear The Reaper, We Can Be Like They Are
Freedom - so seldom achieved
But we managed to build our safeplace,

Our haven where each dogday
made the pieces fall in place
Where forever seemed like yesterday
and our souls were set ablaze

Sensing our vast fault, we were left appaled
With nothing to boast of but dead memories
Shredding our past trust, we were split apart
With nothing to say but goodbye

These scratchings on our walls will remain
And if anyone would see them, they would know
That we lived the lives of spiders
Cobbling webs to fill the gaps

Say goodbye

You made me happy