These Ghosts Are Haunting Our Halls

by Totem Skin

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released March 18, 2013

All music written, produced and performed by Totem Skin.
Additional Vocals on track 2 by Sebastian Svalland.
Additional Vocals on track 5 by Max Sundqvist.

Recorded by the band in our rehearsal space.
Mixed and mastered by Alexander Backlund.



all rights reserved


Totem Skin Falun, Sweden

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Track Name: To Live is to be Haunted
We're settling for nothing less
But countless times of saying "no"
This nonchalance could not impress
But rather speed this newfound low

No refuge and no escape
From this situations shape
Our eyes are faint and and yet percieve
The old times woven tapestry

A hollow shadow sets its tone
Whispering of days long gone
An apparition rips and tears
It brings a heavy guilt to bear

These ghosts are haunting our halls

And how can I find solace
In a city that births a billion babies not worth
a dollar, a food-stamp or thought?
My modernity is in the hands of my longevity
And the memories are what's helping me stroll
through the streets with feet wounded from the needles
I've treaded for you
Track Name: No Gods, No Masters
Of all my choices
(each and every)
None are valid
(all myopic)
On one side neutral
And on the other
(much of the same)

All of them ignorant into their bones
No one is right, no one's of use
Either bastardizing the word "freedom"
Or hanging from a corporate noose
Making distinctions is like splitting hairs
Identical, unstable
And in the shade of false dichotomy
Lawlessness seems preferable

Fix your skewed views
(Don't let them march on)
Track Name: Drick Värmen ur min Hand
Korta sekunder vi skulle hållit kärt
Dagar och nätter vi aldrig har haft
Vår relation
Kärlek och minnen som aldrig tagit plats

Jag kommer alltid att undra om det gick att förhindra
Att starta om på nytt och korrigera alla fel
Hur du kunde ta ifrån oss alla känslor och tillit
Och ersätta dem med lögner och svek
Hur ska jag orka att gå hela vägen
Och släpa med mig denna tyngd

Ingen snara kan rädda mig från skadan jag bär
Detta kors lämnar mig aldrig och jag vill aldrig
Mer känna din kärlek

Du var aldrig där
Track Name: He Wears a Mask, and his Face Grows to Fit it
Oh how you wear that crown so lightly
Spewing prejudice while being against it
You sit on that throne so high and mighty
Spewing ignorance and judging all else

All you want is recognition
Everything you say is a contradiction
That crown and throne will be void some day
your castle will crumble and be laid to waste

All you want is recognition
Everything you say is a contradiction
That noose you tied is tightening
And I'll be watching you hang from the tree you've sown

No one will speak your name
No one will dig your grave
No one will remember you
So fuck your trends
Track Name: We Wished to Free the Captured Foxes
Assault - on our civil rights
They don't care for you or your fair insights
Enforce - daily misery
Anti-progression of our liberty

Cruelty - apologized
As they breach your home and cause you demise
Menace - clad in navy blue
With hail through your pets nose they horde and accrue

How many bad apples are just a few?
How low must they steep before we see change through?

This incompetence is unacceptable
Each one should be accountable
As none of their faults get reprimands
In a field plagued with low demands

This incompetence is unacceptable
Each one should be accountable
As none of their faults get reprimands
In a field plagued with low demands
Most are not heroes, many thugs for hire
So cut down their pedestal
Track Name: Our Hearts were Gardens
I always used to believe
That what's current is the prime
But as my hairline recedes
My beliefs do the same

I miss the sensation of walking home in the dead of winter,
embracing what's real instead of escaping
I miss the times when we molded our futures
We modeled them out of our youth

And lazy summer days, picking apples off of neighbors trees
Wrestling on trampolines and grinding the curbs of our schoolyard

The movies we made have surpassed their goals
They are no longer mere entertainment
They are documents of the simpler times
And testaments to our amends

Where did these times go?
They died at our hands
But live on in our hearts